It’s right next to my bed in its pretty little bottle. Inconspicuous, but my partner and I know just what it is. They call it Deluxe Intimacy Oil… but I call it a joy-saver. It’s part of my daily routine now… and here’s why.

A year ago, I was stuck in a rut (like many of us were during the pandemic). I was so resentful about being saddled at home all the time with Alex and the two kids. My bed became a place where I went to pout. It was away from the Zoom classrooms and my work phone calls and Alex’s crankiness. We all felt so cooped up and needed to keep our tempers in check all the time. There was no release and no safe space to just be ME… instead of Mom. My bed became my place to close the door to take a break; and also my space to cry and be frustrated.

Fast-forward several months: We were now back at work and school, but my bed was still a big sad refuge. It had become a symbol of a place to escape my family… not a place for playfulness, sleep, and fun with Alex. 

To be honest, it wasn’t me who noticed it first. Alex was the one who brought re-purposing of our bed to my attention in a really blatant way… by buying me the LureLife Intimacy Oil. Okay—definitely a wake-up call that we hadn’t had sex in a long time. We giggled about it at first, because it’s something we had never needed before. But drastic times, right? 

That first time opening it, we used it as a massage oil. The texture and smoothness were so fulfilling and it felt so good to just be touching each other again. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for us to get back in the groove that evening. I still had a hard time focusing, though (ie: It was good, but not great), and I noticed I was drier than usual. Of course, this could be my lack of focus, but also the fact that I’m getting older. I’ve learned that according to one study, only seven percent of women aged 45-65 have fulfilling sex lives. That’s a terrible stat and I deserve to be one of those fulfilled people!

So the next evening, I used the intimacy oil to rub in my vagina as I got ready for bed. I had read that CBD increases blood flow and helps with pain… and the oil acts as a lubricant. Alex wasn’t even coming to bed for a few hours, but I was just fine by myself. 😊 (This could be an entire diary entry in itself about toys and vibrators, but for a start, check out Smile Makers.)

That started a nightly routine for me that has really changed my joy factor in life, and even our marriage. Every night, in addition to brushing my teeth and putting on moisturizer, I rub just a little of the intimacy oil on my vagina before crawling into bed (a bed that feels much happier these days, by the way). Sometimes we enjoy sex together… sometimes I enjoy myself alone… and sometimes I just go to sleep. But I know that the CBD healing, sensory, and moisturizing benefits are happening for me overnight. Every night. It’s a healthy habit that I encourage all women to adopt for all-over wellness and fulfillment. (And YES, it also has helped triple the pleasure!)

I keep a larger bottle on my nightstand, and now that we’re able to travel again, I also keep a small bottle in my overnight bag—so I know I’ll never be without it. Plus, I’ve expanded my horizons in the Lure line with their tincture to help me with that focus problem I was talking about. It’s a CBD oil that helps me zone in on the present, which is sometimes that little extra help I need. Overall, I’m feeling more whole and satisfied sexually than I have in literally years. It’s amazing how that boost has helped me in how I parent the kids, work, interact with my friends and family… I have a much more joyous outlook on life. Now you can count me in that seven percent, for sure!