L-R: Monica, Summer, Kara

We started Lure with a single goal in mind, to provide a plant-based alternative for women that helps us live better, rest better and connect better. We looked for CBD products that worked for us.  Nothing we tried was quite right, so we decided to create Lure. After years in the making, we are excited to finally share the power of The Lure Life around the world.     

We launched Lure in August 2020 with our signature tincture.  All our products are highly effective clean organic products that are non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and plant-based. 

Our brand speaks to guests who want an elevated and fulfilling CBD experience.  We have a mission to become the most trusted and adored luxury CBD brand in the ever expanding CBD Market.

Lure is female-founded and majority black owned. 

Thank you for supporting Lure!

Monica, Summer + Kara


Monica Reese - Design/Production/Sourcing.  HGTV featured designer with an expertise in sourcing and creating beautiful environments and products 

Summer Rice - Branding/Marketing. Lover of all things coastal and organic with over 15 years of experience in music industry public relations and female focused product marketing and sales   

Kara Kelly - Strategy/Finance/Operations.  Over 25 years solving growth, innovation and profitability challenges for leading brands such as Nike, Sephora and Best Buy; consumer delight enthusiast; financial and physical wellness devotee