The wait is finally over and our dear Bridgerton is back! The second season of the famously popular period drama premiered on Netflix on March 25. As a part of the new season, Shondaland interviewed designers, including our very own Monica Reese, Lure Co-founder, to ask just how to bring a little Bridgeton style into your home.

You can link to the entire article here but regarding Bridgerton’s Regency Style, Monica pulled together some details on using color to introduce this lavish look into your own home. And because at Lure we love to emphasize pleasure, Monica points out how to bring that signature Bridgerton sensuality in the bedroom that is only made better by adding a little Lure to the mix.

What’s not to love about Regency Style; the opulence, the ornamentation, the textures and of course the gold! Regency style, named after King George IV, previously the Prince Regent, has its roots in Greek and Roman Neoclassicism and it pulls in fanciful elements drawn from Egyptian, Chinese and Moorish styles. So if a “design style” could have an identity crisis, Regency might perhaps have it!  However, it is this beautiful and balanced mixture of classicism and exoticism that makes this style such a visual delight.  

A few of the primary markers of Regency Style are dark wood furniture, the use of gold leafing known as gilding on everything from furniture to accents and of course the use of pastel colors on the walls anchored with whites and creams on the trim. The easiest and most cost-effective way to make a big change in your space is to change the color. That said, the proper shade of a can of paint and a little elbow grease could be the easiest way to bring a bit of Regency Style into your own interior.

To pull Regency Style into your own interior, select soft muted tones of blue, green, violet, and pinks and use whites and creams for your trim. Don’t forget to throw in a touch of gold, just not on the wall please! When selecting paint colors, I always recommend choosing colors that are more muted or greyed. Sherwin William has a whole selection of colors called “neutrals." When you look at the color on a 2” x 2” swatch it will not look like a lot of color, but when you put it on the whole wall, it will be amazing without giving you agida! Here are a few recommendations:

If you want to create a space that feels more elegant and refined like the Bridgerton family, go with a Wedgewood blue inspired color. I like Sherwin Williams Sleepy Hollow for the walls with Alabaster trim. However if you are a bit more bold and extravagant like the Featherington’s you can move out of the muted tones and go with Sherwin Williams Shagreen for the walls trimmed with Alabaster. Consider accenting this backdrop with decor and accessories that have orange and purple tones. 


And Honey, if you’re just a Queen, then go bold with deep reds, anchored in cream and accented with golds. Although reds on a wall can be hard to execute without being overwhelming, you can add a lot of this color through drapery like these gorgeous lux velvet panels from CB2. Try these panels on a backdrop wall color of Sherwin Williams Alabaster in a flat finish with Alabaster trim in a semi-gloss finish. Accent the room with a few gilded pieces and don your nightstand with the gold capped Lure Intimacy Oil and not only will you feel like royalty, but you may experience some of that Regency Style passion!

Now my dear readers, if you decide to use any of these tips please let us know and we will gladly share your Bridgerton inspired design style with our Lure community! 

Xx Monica