About LURE

Our Mission

To provide soul-nourishing pleasure and joy, daily.

Live anxiety-free, unlock hidden parts of yourself, and show up fully in every aspect of your life.

Personal Wellness

We all are seeking the essentials to a calmer, focused, more nourished soul. Limitations of the body and mind can get in the way. Lure helps overcome these obstacles with all-natural, simple, beautiful products to be used as part of your daily routine.

Safe, Clean, Top-Shelf Formulas

Our CBD offerings are made from the highest quality formulas and organic ingredients. Every robust product is third-party tested and developed with your health, pleasure, relaxation, and emotional wellness in mind. Our Lure line consists of just a few, luxurious, multi-tasking essentials that should be part of your everyday wellness.


Lure was founded on the principle that encouraging one another to care for our souls will benefit humanity overall. When we collectively strive to maximize the potential of our souls, we will be pulled to emanate goodness and wellness. As we care for our individual bodies daily, we also are caring for our souls. Lure encourages living a pleasurable, purposeful, and healthy life… and sharing that joyfulness with others in our community. We call this, Living the Lure Life. Join us!