You’ve had a CBD soda?” Jen asked me quizzically. Okay, judgmentally, really.

We were at a backyard barbeque. Younger kids playing on the swings—older kids playing Wii inside. The adults were lounging with a few cocktails while dinner sizzled.

Jen kept it up. “I always thought you were the prude of the group,” she laughed. 

The others laughed too… and I smiled genuinely, as well. She wasn’t wrong. I’d always been the “adultest” adult in our neighborhood. I had the kids eating their vegetables; I stopped at one cocktail; I didn’t curse much.

“Honestly, CBD isn’t the same as THC,” I told her. “I think of it like an herbal tea. I’m trying it for health reasons.” 

Another one of our friends spoke up: “I heard that it gets you high, even if you rub it on your skin.”

“Not possible,” I told her. I wanted to talk about it more, but I really didn’t have all the research to be able to talk intelligently about the issue. Plus, I hadn’t really felt any benefit yet from the soda I’d been drinking.

So the next day, I did a deep dive on the Internet to see what doctors and experts had to say about what was really up with CBD. I put together a summary to share with my skeptical friends.

  1. CBD comes from the hemp plant. THC comes from the hemp plant. That’s the reason people get them confused. The main difference is that CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties, and THC does.
  2. For the highest quality CBD, you want to look for hemp-derived CBD and not cannabis-derived CBD. This will give you the most benefits from the CBD and the least THC. There can be small amounts of THC found in CBD, but federal regulations only allow for less than 3%. This means that you can’t get any “high” effects.
  3. Just like there are different qualities of vitamins and supplements, there are different qualities of CBD. Full-Spectrum CBD will allow for trace amounts of THC, which works with the CBD to maximize the benefits (maybe you’ve heard of the “entourage effect”… this is what it means. Like you can lose weight by not eating as many calories, but it’s better if you also exercise.) You also want to always look for Premium quality. You would want to look for Broad-Spectrum or CBD Isolate if you don’t want any THC at all. 
  4. It sounds too good to be true, but CBD really does help with a tremendous number of ailments to your overall health system. I tried my first soda because I had heard it helped with pain and I had an ankle flare-up from running. After doing the research, I now understand that in addition to pain, it also helps with sexual functioning, sleep, anxiety, inflammation, and diabetes.
  5. You can start to feel relief from CBD in as little as 20 minutes. More long term effects are felt over the course of a few days.

One of the reasons that I joined the Lure community and trust them with my CBD needs is because they have all the most current information and also one of the most reputable CBDs on the market. They have third-party papers showing extremely high-quality formulations. And the reviews are all amazing. In addition to pain, I realized I could really be using CBD for sexual health and for my bouts with insomnia, too. I’m excited to be in my first two weeks of using their Relief Stick and Intimacy Oil. The difference between the CBD soda and these products is like Spam vs. prosciutto. 😊 

As a thank you for giving me the push to do the research, I just sent Jen an order of Lure! I’m still learning, for sure, but I feel much more confident about my choices and educated about how I can use CBD in a variety of ways for my health and wellbeing.