I carry a lot on my plate and I am going all out, all the time.  

I am the mother of three extremely energetic boys, however, just under two years ago I unexpectedly became a widow. It’s a fact that we as a family are all still processing. 

So life, as you can imagine, is always hectic, stressful and full of unexpected  surprises. Los Angeles living often also adds its own dimension of  unpredictability too. 

For instance, I wake up daily at 5.45am. My youngest, Tatum, is an early riser that means I have to be one too! The pace is set from the early hours and it  goes on daily until I practically drop at 10pm.  

My oldest son, Lennox, is on the autism spectrum and that presents a lot of  unforeseen challenges. It means he has to undergo many therapy sessions and  meltdown moments are not uncommon. His condition requires that I keep my  calm at all times as the boys feed off my energy. The LURE CBD Tincture drops  definitely help me to maintain a level of calm, confidence and balance.  

I am a huge fan of the LURE CBD Pain Relief Stick too, using it pre- and post workout. I find it alleviates the discomfort I often have in my knees after my  regular exercise sessions. 

LURE has in truth been an incredible addition to my dynamic toolbox. As a  majority black-owned female business, I find supporting the women - by  continually purchasing their products - a comforting resource to pull from when  life begins to suffocate.  

You see, I can create a schedule but with my incredible boys, but it really is up  to God how it all plays out on any given day.