Life is definitely more interesting now than at any time of my existence. At 82, I  am finally learning how to ‘chill.’ 

Of course, I still grab its reins firmly with both hands. Yet, my life experience  (the thing my adult kids charitably call my ‘advanced education’ simply means  that I now have more time to indulge in all aspects of me. I continue to enjoy  the journey. 

When the children left home I realized how much I liked my life. However, when  I retired, I understood how much I loved my life. And even before my husband of fifty some years - the other side my heart - transitioned, I knew that keeping up my continued sense of wellness that I had always enjoyed, was a key to happiness. 

LURE has been a revelation for me. Having been the primary caregiver to my  dementia-stricken soulmate, the LURE CBD Tincture drops have created a balance  where none existed before.  

It is the only one that I’ve found that gives no negative side effects. LURE helps  me relax. I have always been a super-active and an unapologetically hyper  personality. Since my husband passed away, I find that my mind races  sometimes, and LURE calms my thoughts. 

As a result of my caregiving responsibilities, meaningful sleep has been an issue  these past years. As a daily user of LURE CBD products, coupling their soothing  effects with the nightly soulful sounds of the peerless jazz greats has ensured a  special kind of meditative rest.  

It is now a firm new addition to my every day life.