Dry vagina. No fun. It can happen at any age, but especially when you start peri-menopause, which can start anytime in your forties or early fifties and can last up to ten years! (That terrified me when I first heard it, but now I’m a little calmer. Read on…) 

I consulted Amanda Williams, MD, an OB/GYN who is also a Lure sexual wellness advisor, to find out more about what I could do to help with this painful and frustrating phenomenon that is so darned common, but for which we have so little recourse. In our mothers’ generation, they threw estrogen around like candy to help with menopausal symptoms like this. I know that hormone therapy still helps a lot of women, but I was curious about some things I’d researched online about CBD and menopause, and I wanted Dr. Williams expert OB/GYN advice to round out my other research. 

Fortunately, she is very cool doctor with practical advice.

I explained to Dr. Williams that my main symptoms during this peri menopausal phase (so far) were vaginal dryness and poor sleeping. Instead of reaching for her prescription pad, she talked to me about her personal experience, saying she couldn’t recommend one particular product, but she could discuss CBD products and her own experience with Lure.

“The menopause transition is not an on-off switch… it’s very personal. I want to really hear women and find out ‘where are you’… what are your symptoms and what is front of mind. For some people, I will start with hormonal treatment. But for most people, I will start with addressing the symptoms as best as possible.”

Turns out, I have very common complaints!

“Two of the symptoms at the top of almost everyone’s list are inability to sleep and discomfort with sex,” Dr. Williams said.

She started my CBD education with the sexual discomfort. 

Dr. Williams and I talked about Lure’s Intimacy Oil that you apply it right to where you need it… the vagina and clitoris. The CBD helps the blood flow directly to the vaginal area so your climax can be as intense, enjoyable, and as achievable as ever. Dr. Williams and I both acknowledged that not all CBD products are created equal. Lure uses a high-quality organically grown CBD with a 3rd Party Certificate of Analysis (COA) on file, so that what they say is inside is actually there. They use only organic ingredients which are sourced in the US. The clincher for me is that Dr. Williams and several other medical professionals say that it’s working for them and that the simplicity of the ingredients of all Lure products make them work in concert with the body.

“With sex, it’s all about blood flow,” Dr. Williams said. “As your estrogen levels go down or become unstable with troughs during the pre-menopausal you get decreased vaginal moisture… vaginal dryness… more discomfort with sex. So the Intimacy Oil really helps not only with moisture but with blood flow directly to the vaginal region.”

The Lure Intimacy Oil can be used daily to moisturize your vagina, as well as for masturbation and for foreplay. I asked Dr. Williams what makes it different from a typical lubricant.

“It has excellent viscosity,” she said. “The texture is really nice and slick and not sticky. And with the CBD, you get the relaxation of the blood vessels and recruitment of more blood flow to the area. So whether it’s male or female masturbation you’re going to have more stimulation.”

One thing she taught me that I’m trying to share with all my friends is that the old Masters & Johnson sexual arousal cycle was based on males… not necessarily taking females into account. She says that twenty minutes of stimulation for the clitoris to reach climax is absolutely normal.

“The Intimacy Oil can be part of your foreplay. Nothing is wrong with you. But let’s add some bells and whistles to it!  Those 20 minutes doesn’t need to be a chore… let’s have some fun with it!”

“Who does not want a backrub!” she said. “It’s amazing as far as muscle relaxation. If you have a backrub with the soothing warmth from the Lure Relief Stick and a nice little vibrator… this is a beautiful setup. Midlife sexuality can be fantastic. It just takes a little bit more effort. You are wiser and you know how to level up!” 

I have started to use my Lure Intimacy Oil with the CBD tincture, which helps with relaxation and focus. In addition to the dryness, I’ve always had a hard time releasing the stresses and annoyances of my day and really getting into the sex. Even in the middle of what should be a really hot moment, I’ll suddenly think “Oh! I forgot to tell my teenager that I’m taking him to school tomorrow.” UGH! The Lure CBD Tincture is just what I’ve been looking for—a non-intoxicating, all-natural, safe, organic way to relax and get out of my head—and into my body.  It also has a great minty flavor that is an added bonus for fresh kisses. 

So what can I do about my symptom of poor sleeping after I’ve had some incredible sex? (Or simply after my regular evening of ice cream and a sitcom.) I’ll let you in on the trick Dr. Williams gave me next time.