As the mother of three boys, well, two teenage sons and my husband, I like to  think of myself as the de facto CDO (Chief Decision Officer) of our energetic  household. I am a true Virgo who loves to be in charge. Some may cheekily call  me a Social Justice Warrior and you know, on reflection, I am OK with that characterization.  

I think that most mothers of any age recognize that our role as loving advisors  and guardians makes us targets for continual questions from our growing adults and even the grown ones. 

And how I love to be quizzed by enquiring minds, especially in the evenings with  a glass of Rosé on hand. It’s the constant questions from that buzz of youth that  makes me realize how much extra life fuel LURE has injected into my routine these past months. 

LURE ensures that I have a clarity of thought that stimulates my interests as a  fashion boutique owner. I recently moved my business from San Francisco to  downtown Oakland. I felt the need to be more active in the community that I am a part of and passionate about. I work in an industry where in order to be seen as authentic, your personal creativity is your continual passport to success.  Being in a beautiful space that I created in downtown Oakland has been essential for me. I could not have asked for a more perfect surrounding than to be sharing local space with other like-minded women-led businesses.  

What I know for sure is that the LURE Tincture gives me a positive edge. It raises my energy and creativity levels after, not uncommon, tiresome days. The LURE Pain Relief Stick has been revelatory as part of my pain management routine.  I introduced LURE to my close circle of sister-friends and we text each other to say that we are “living the LURE Life” when we refer to the relief in all forms that we are experiencing.

Using these wonderful products since launch has been a revelation to me. Why?  Simply because they help clear the static and damp down the background noise  of an often chaotic world.