Moments Not Hours - Lexi

If I told you that life was so full-on right now and that the only time that my  mind gets its deepest rest is when I use the LURE Tincture drops, would you  believe me? 

As a time-poor dog mom to Beauregard and my love language partner  Christopher, the most challenging aspect of my life is simply how to relax.  As a self-described ‘strong ass’ military-loving woman, I’m passionate about my  community and giving back to it to improve the beauty in the world.  Did I also tell you that I work as a sports broadcaster? It’s one of the most  competitive industries anywhere. 

Within these surreal times through, the pressure of constant working from  home has created a pervasive pressure to always be in motion. For me, I was finding such a pace unbearable. Thank goodness for my friend’s  LURE recommendation and discovery.  

It has done what it said it would in its name. Using the premium CBD [Tincture] Oil as a  relaxation aid has elevated my productivity. I truly believe it has enhanced the  quality of most aspects of my daily routine.