Lure is a part of my essential daily beauty routine. I have a hard time turning my mind off at night which leads to trouble sleeping. Clearly, I am not alone.  According to the Sleep Foundation, women are 40% more likely to have insomnia than men!  Woman & Insomnia Why? Because we are always doing the most, literally!! In a 2018 article the NY Post  said "women have less free time than men, and that disparity has increased over the last 15 years," and that was BEFORE the pandemic! Throw in the added complication of childcare issues, at home learning, elder parent caregiving, and maintaining our daily responsibilities. Phew! No wonder we are having trouble with sleep.

In the past, I turned to a cocktail of Benadryl and a glass of wine (I know, sooo bad for me) or prescription sleep meds to try to get a good night’s rest. Ultimately, those things were not good for my body. A few years ago I switched to CBD because it’s a plant based non-habit-forming alternative. Experiencing the benefits of CBD first hand is what led us to start Lure! I take half a dropper in the morning to ensure that my day is productive, focused and calm. And because I am no light weight, lol, I take two droppers full to sleep well at night. Lure provides a more gradual calm down to fall into a deep sleep, and it feels natural. It does not have the knockout effects of prescription meds, nor does it have the hangover effect of a DIY sleep cocktail. So why do I consider Lure a part of my daily essential beauty routine? Because when I get some good rest, I am happier on the inside and cuter on the outside! 

So whether it's CBD or some other healthy option, find a way to get your rest Honey. We ladies are so busy and we are better (and cuter) when we are well rested! Here are a few tips from the Brain & Behavior Foundation for a nighttime wind down routine. Wind Down

Sweet dreams!



Co-founder, Lure